7 Unconventional Keys to End Binge Eating & Lose Excess Weight



Do you feel trapped in a continual cycle of overeating, food cravings and food obsession?
Do you struggle to control your weight with diet after diet?
Does one donut frequently turn into a full blown binge?

If so, you may be stuck in “The Binge Trap”. Your body, mind and emotions have become trapped in a continual cycle of over-eating and food cravings. Until you break free, the desire to binge on food will always remain. It never goes away.

In this book, Alison Kerr shows you exactly, step by step, how to unlock your mind, body and emotions from “The Binge Trap”. Using her breakthrough approach you can overcome compulsive eating, food cravings, weight fluctuations and learn to live life to the fullest.

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The Binge Code is a bold new book based on hard science and over 10 years of helping people end their binge eating issues and lose excess weight.


Inside the book you will find a link to download The Binge Code Toolkit which includes:

The Book

All the information you need to break free from over-eating, emotional eating and binge eating.

5 Meditations

5 powerful guided meditations for quick relief of binge cravings. You can apply these tools in situations that you may find triggering. Help is now with you wherever you go!

PDF Guides

Helpful PDF guides including a food Journal, a binge tracker & a daily checklist.



Also included is an active support community to help support your journey.

Author Profile

Created by an eating disorder recovery expert, nutritional therapist and best-selling author.

Ali Kerr (BA, Nutritional Therapist) is a best selling author of several books related to the treatment of eating disorders.

A native of Scotland, her first book ‘The Bulimia Help Method’ was published in 2013. To date it is now the best reviewed, best selling bulimia recovery book on Amazon and is recommended by experts, doctors and eating disorder charities.

That book was based on Ali’s own personal struggle with binge eating and bulimia and has since been sold in over 32 countries worldwide. Ali describes herself as ‘qualified by experience’. Her approach is unorthodox, engaging, caring and effective. Ali spends her day coaching clients from around the world to help them overcome their food issues and eating disorders.

The Binge Code Approach.

Over the past ten years working with binge eaters, Alison Kerr has identified seven traps that hold people in a continual cycle of bingeing on food. These are called the ‘the binge traps’.

The Binge Code book explores the seven binge traps and then gives you the keys to break free from each one. Seven keys to unlock the seven binge traps. Once you unlock all seven traps you won’t have any more cravings to binge on food and you will be completely free.

The seven Binge Traps are:
1. The Diet Trap
2. The Yo-Yo Blood Sugar Trap
3. The Nutritional Deficiency Trap
4. The Habit Trap
5. The Food Rules Trap
6. The False Friend Trap
7. The Inner Critic Trap

If you binge on food, chances are all seven traps will apply to you. Some traps may be more relevant to you than others but you can expect to find elements in each that you can relate to.

What Students Say

Testimonials for Ali Kerr

“I cannot thank Ali enough”

“I cannot thank Ali enough. After so many expensive programs after programs, this is the only method that made it possible for me to regain my life. Recovery is possible. I started this program with lots of skepticism, of course, but I gave it a chance. It’s ok to start from doubt, but it is so worth it, I have to say.”

Tania Boyle


“Now I am finally free!”

“I am so thankful for Ali. I had bulimia and binge eating for 8 years. I tried EVERYTHING to eat normally, and I just couldn’t. I tried therapy, intuitive eating, different diets, just “white knuckling it” and every time I would do good for a few days, sometimes even a week or two, only to give into the binge urge when it became too strong to resist. Now I am finally free! ”

Cameron Trevors


“The whole experience was just one big Wow!!!”

“I’m so happy and thankful for Ali’s presence in my life. The whole experience was just one big Wow!!! I feel a deep inner healing has just begun, thank you!”

Angela Roberts


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You get all at the tools you need to break free from binge eating and ensure lasting success. This blend of information, technology and community support gets results.

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– The Binge Code Food Journal
– PDF Support Guides
– An Active Support Community

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